Thursday, April 01, 2004

Yesterday’s events at Al-Falluja were very sad.
Very very sad.
Killing American civilians is not justified in anyway and anytime.
Even if they were members of the security forces hired by the military, that is not an excuse.
And those images broadcasted on the worldwide T.V. screens were very painful.
I met a driver working on the Amman-Baghdad line, he confirmed what was said on the media channels; the Americans were shot dead in the middle of the main street of Al-Faluja, their cars were burned, stones and rocks were thrown on them while burning, after that their bodies were destroyed, tied by cables and dragged by cars around the small town, and finally hanged on one of the bridges in a strange violent public parade.

The na├»ve analysis of the CPA and Bremer didn’t go beyond the usual (they are Baathists, they are mere remaining fragments of the previous regime).

Let’s stop for a moment, and think about the innocent souls of those whom were killed in such an ugly way.

Why don’t we put aside our pride and arrogance, our threatening speeches and slogans, and try to stop this accelerating wheel of hate and violence?

Is it revenge/avenge that would be a real solution for such a crisis?

I stopped very strongly against the Arabic calls for revenge after every mass murder event, as what happened in the camp of Jenin in Palestine (I am a Palestinian from Jenin), or in the Amiriya Shelter at Baghdad (I live in Al-Amiriya district), although such incidents affected me, my family, my friends and relatives, but I said NO for the primitive ideology of revenge.

I refuse to be a part of the daily calls for avenge, as a reaction for what is happening in Palestine and Iraq.

Violence is never the answer.

The extremely shallow foreign police of the American administration gives wrong indications, it proved for everyone in the Middle East region that violence is the only language that they understand…

I was watching one of the public discussion programs at Al-Jazeera channel, where an extremely angry man was shouting:
Americans are democratic for themselves, but for us? not at all. They don’t even know the meaning of diplomacy and politics. The only language they understand is the language of explosions. Tell me… why did Americans withdraw from Somalia? Because of peace talks or because of killing their soldiers brutally? Why did Israel, the untouchable daughter of the Americans, go out of Lebanon? Wasn’t that because of the unbearable pressure of Hizb Allah? Why did Americans leave Lebanon in the early eighties? Wasn’t that because a car bomb killed some dozens of their soldiers and civilians?

I would like to have a different answer for Mr. extremist, but I just wish I could.

Killing the Iraqi and Palestinian civilians on a daily basis under the eyes of the American administration, and sometimes because of the acts of that administration changed the rules of the game…

When the Bremer semi-government closes newspapers and arrest people because they are “inflaming passions”…
When they ask hundreds of thousands of soldiers and other members of the previous Iraqi political and administrational regime to go back home and die slowly…
When they jump from one track to another, one plan to another, in the extremely pragmatic day by day plan with no vision…
They shouldn’t be excluded from the list of red-handed murderers.

But instead of acting like a responsible “ambassador”, reflecting the ideas and principles of his people, the only answer is more and more calls for aggression and hostility.

These are not the Americans ethics; these are the Bush ear morals and beliefs.
Bush; is Undeterred. That’s it.
I’m sure he can make up some new jokes about killed civilians too.

The current status of hate/revenge has been built slowly in decades, because of the irresponsible arrogant behavior of the super-power, and the damage cannot be fixed over a night, but diagnosing our faults can happen over a night, confessing the sins and mistakes of the past, for the both parties, can lead in building a better, safer and peaceful future.