Monday, November 08, 2004

another rosary machine gun. who is taking these pix, and why?

Two things

The first, I enabled the comments section
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The second, I found a great name for the american puppy, former CIA agent, former Baathist, stupid dirty Iraqi PM. I will call him Allow(y).
(as an indication of him being an easy lay)

Go allow(y) Go, allow the US to army attack more hospitals and kill more Iraqis.

Arafat and Falluja

As the attack on Falluja is starting, Suha, the young rich bourgeoise wife of Yasir Arafat, started an embarrassing shameful public spectacle accusing the Palestinian Authority members of trying to "bury" her 75 year old husband alive. The despicable wife is living in Paris, spending hundreds of thousands of Francs a month, didn't even see Abu Ammar for the last three years. He was 62 and she was 28 when they got married, I really think it is one of his big mistakes. Meanwhile, the Israeli press is having a verrrrrrrrry interesting theory about his health.


Anyway, the attack against Falluja started today, it will start more seriously after the sunset. The unelected, former CIA agent, allow(y) announced today (with a smile of victory) that he is the one that gave orders to capture the hospital first!!

is it really heroic to capture hospitals?
does he really think anyone is listening or taking orders from him?
is it the responsibility of any PM to ask foreign soldiers to attack hospitals or bridges in his country?
don't these actions of capturing hospitals, destroying hospitals, and preventing doctors and ambulances from enterning the city sound exactly like the Israeli attitude before attacking Palestinians?

does the bush administration forget the Geneva Convention when they are attacking, and remember it when they are being attacked?

Fun Fact:
The Geneva Convention provided for the neutrality of ambulances and hospitals.

Hospital director Dr Salih al-Issawi told AFP that troops surrounding the hospital had warned the staff over loudspeakers not to leave the building. He also said they refused to allow him and others to go into the centre of Fallujah to help out at a medical facility that had been set up there.

According to Salih al-Isawi, the hospital director, the building had been surrounded and "they are telling us over loud speakers that if we leave the building we will be shot at", reporting that an ambulance that tried to exit the facility was fired upon.

capturing the hospital and the two bridges is not a big deal anyway, they are out side the town of falluja.

The last question here. Is it just a coincidencethat that this attack on Falluja started in the most holy night in the year for Muslims, Laylat El-Qadr?

the map of falluja, these are the two bridges and hospital that were captured today

the red elections - 2004 (by district)

niki found this "election map by district", dont u think it is terrifying? reddddddddddddd.........