Saturday, November 04, 2006

A late “October Surprise”?

The bankrupt bush administration seems to be planning a little surprise before the mid-term elections. It seems that there are serious preparations to announce saddam’s death verdict tomorrow or the day after in a pathetic attempt to manufacture a small victory in Iraq to effect the mid-term elections. After 16 years of wars, sanctions, invasions and an ongoing occupation, the only victories that the bush gang is still celebrating in Iraq, after capture of the former ally and showing him in his underwear, is executing him now.

At the same time that millions of Iraqis were and are still being killed, injured, and displaced because of the U.S. interventions, at the same time that the Iraqi social fabric is being destroyed and turned into fragments, at the same time that Iraq as a state is being “wiped off the map” and cut apart, at the same time that everyday in Iraq is worse than the day before, and at the same time that tens of thousand of U.S. solders are being killed, injured, and traumatized for the rest of their lives and trillions of the U.S. taxpayers money wasted, the one and only victory that the bush administration can claim is hanging the former dictator.

This will be yet another favor Saddam will be doing to the U.S. foreign policy, yet another reason given to the bush administration to justify more illegal interventions, mass murder and destruction in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was one of the major disasters in the region. He led the country to a tragic path because of his reckless totalitarian regime, and helped the U.S. foreign policy find excuses to break the international law and destroy Iraq. The Iraqi people should have been the ones given the chance to change or enhance the Saddam political regime, instead of the total destruction that happened to Iraq as a whole because of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Iraq had more than four revolutions in the 20th century alone, and Iraqis are the only ones who had the right, and the capability, to change the regime without destroying Iraq.

Bush and his gang should feel ashamed that they are the only people who made the brutal dictatorship of saddam look like a walk in the park compared to the atrocities happenning in Iraq by the occupation. Iraqis don't miss saddam, but they miss their national government that was destroyed under this occupation. We should remember these days very well, and remember how Iran, or other countries, will be falling apart if the U.S. wanted to go ahead and interfere in changing their political regimes.