Thursday, March 01, 2007

Final Official Copy of the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law

This final official Arabic copy of the Iraqi hydrocarbon Law (oil and gas law) includes the 4 appendices and the Council of Ministers' resolution. I am working on translating it now, so stay tuned. (arabic readers can download it here)

[update: here is the final and official Iraqi oil and Gas Law translated]

I had a very hard time getting the copy from my contact in the "green zone" to anyone in Baghdad who would then be able to scan it. Everyone who lives inside the greenzone never leaves it, and everyone who lives outside it never goes close to it! I spent hours trying to find a way to transport this copy from the greenzone to Baghdad to no avail. But I finally found a brave soul who was willing to help out.

The Bush administration can add the "Baghdad Wall" surrounding the greenzone to its list of "separation barriers" that it supports.