Monday, September 17, 2007

Mercenaries Out of Iraq!

On Sunday, a State Department convoy was attacked in Baghdad; the Blackwater contractors providing security killed at least eight civilians. According to a witness, the gunfire "lasted for 20 minutes between gunmen and the convoy people who were foreigners and dressed in civilian clothes."

Now the Iraqi government has revoked Blackwater's license and has opened a criminal investigation.

The company has an army of 20,000 worldwide and its own private air force. Four
of its contractors were lynched in the town of Falluja in March 2004. Its
employees have subsequently faced criticisms over killings of Iraqis including
the shooting of a bodyguard of the Vice-President Adil Abdul-Mahd by a
Blackwater employee who was said to be drunk, and who was subsequently flown
out of the country by his employers before being arrested by Iraqi authorities.

As if those mercenaries needed a reason to shoot and kill Iraqis. If you haven't seen how "private contractors" kill Iraqi civilians for fun, take a look at this video:

Despite the very clear order by the Iraqi government to blackwater to leave Iraq, it seems that the State Department and Blackwater are trying to find a way to keep their private murderers there.

Please take a moment of your time to email blackwater's Media Relations by clicking here

and email the State department by clicking here

You can also email your congress representative and senator or call them.

Mercenaries who go around killing civilians without any accountability are being paid with billions of U.S. tax-payer dollars. It is time to get all private contractors out of Iraq, but let's start by bringing Blackwater first.

update: In reports on recent news that Iraq's Interior Ministry has revoked the license of Blackwater USA, an American security firm, several news outlets did not mention that Blackwater USA's vice chairman is also the head of Mitt Romney's counterterrorism policy advisory group.

another update: thick this out