Thursday, June 26, 2008

what happens in the Green Zone, Stays in the Green Zone

oh, man. This is classic! this video is so funny i can't believe it's real. I don't get how an untranslated english interview can be aired on Al-Iraqiya, but it is a must see anyway.

ladies and gentlemen, please meet the new US strategy to unite Iraq: Giuliani/McCain's adviser (Mr. Eisenstadt) wants to use the same uniform for Iraqi servants in the Green Zone. So whether you were a Sunni, Shiite, or Kurd, you will be working in the brand new casinos with the saaaaame outfit. This approach seems to have been tested carefully in the U.S. before exporting it to Iraq. Mr. Adviser tells us that we also had a racial problem between the indians, the caucasians from europe and the blacks from africa but somehow casinos have managed to fix that. Then he adds: only 20 years ago indians were drunk and homeless and committing crimes, today they are prosperous and wealthy driving mercedes and their kids have gameboys and play stations. Not only "the indians", but also the black people with the sports have managed to advance themselves.

After 7000 years, finally we have someone who knows how to unite iraqis, and it's been tested on other people of color too! amazing!

Then the host confuses india with indians and says that they would like the relationship between Iraq and the US to be the same as iraq and india, and for iraq to prosper like india. He says that things in India are good because of the casinos, to which the Giuliani/McCain adviser answers "yes, i think it is because of the casinos"

But this is not all. Because, as Mr. Adviser reveals: democracy is the first step but it needs to be followed by capitalism and entertainment. So these casino will not just unite iraqis and democratize them, but it will entertain them as well. Iraqis will have "many young girls" working there "to clean the rooms", and joined even by some "masseuse from the former soviet union and Thailand" .

oh, and most importantly, the casinos will be sensitive to local people, they will have "a mosque" somewhere in there.

Yes! Democracy is Alive!

(update: there is a Mr. Eisenstadt who is currently “a Liaison with the Jewish community” and “foreign policy advisor” to McCain and a former "dvisor to the Giuliani campaign". This is his website here. Do you think he's the same guy?)
(update2: the answer is YES. Kudos to Rick)